(for Machine Vision)
Vision System Peripheral Equipment CA-L Series

High-Resolution, Low-Distortion LensProviding ultimate imaging performance for 2 and 5 megapixel cameras

Special optical design and construction

The CA-LHR Series provides a resolving power of 200 cycles/mm at the centre of the lens and 140 cycles/mm on the periphery of the lens, which is twice or higher the performance of conventional high-resolution lenses. This makes it possible to obtain high-contrast images and perform stable inspections of the dimensions and appearance of targets.

Resolution at centre

Using an aspherical lens, floating structure and low-dispersion glass, the CA-LHR Series can reduce image aberration to a minimum.


Conventional Lens

Resolution at the edge of the image area

The CA-LHR Series can capture images at high resolution across the whole image area.


Conventional Lens

Minimum working distance

By using special low-scattering glass, we have achieved a working distance of 0.1 m for all models. This makes it possible to use the lens to the extent of its capabilities over a wide range without needing a close-up ring.

5 megapixel camera image

CA-LHR35, WD: 100 mm, no close-up ring

An image with high resolution from the centre to the periphery of the image is obtained. Because the WD can be set to 100 mm without using a close-up ring, the lens is used to the extent of its capabilities.

CA-LHE35 + close-up ring: 22 mm, WD: 100 mm

The same resolution is obtained in the centre of the image, but the resolution is worse in the periphery of the image due to the effect of the close-up ring.