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Selecting a Measurement Sensor

3D Inspection

By working from a 3D image, a multitude of inspections and measurements become possible including volume, warpage, and tilt. A target's size, material, and how it will be presented play key roles in determining the best solution. Below are a few of the options available, and you can request a free consultation with 3D measurement expert if you have any questions.

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2D Profilers can measure width, height, and volume of sealant beads inline, regardless of surface finish or colour.

High-speed 2D/3D Laser Profiler

LJ-V7000 series

Detect burrs arising on terminals after electrode slitting. With ultra-high-resolution 3200 points/profile measurement, the LJ-X8000 Series produces stable detection even for minute burrs.

2D/3D Laser Profiler

LJ-X8000 series