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Application SolutionsRun-Out/Vibration

When looking for the best way to measure run-out/vibration, there are a number of important factors to consider, the type of run-out or vibration (direction), the type of measurement system, and the installation environment. Selecting equipment that doesn't adequately meet your needs can lead to insufficient precision and increased man-hours during production. This site is designed to help those looking for a run-out/vibration measurement system discover the best way to do so with confidence.

How to Measure Run-Out/Vibration

  • STEP 1: Look at the methods outlined in each item to find the best measurement method.
  • STEP 2: Download the relevant measurement system catalogue.
  1. A- Surface run-out of rotating object B- Other run-out/vibration
  2. B-A- Measurement using a 1D laser displacement sensor B-B- Measurement using a 2D laser displacement sensor
  3. Example Applications
    • A- Measurement 1 Run-out measurement of HDD surface
    • B-A- Measurement 2 Vibration measurement of ultrasonic welding machines
    • B-B- Measurement 3 Residual vibration measurement of robots

Feel free to contact us. +44(0)1908-696900