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Application SolutionsMeasuring Height/Step Height

Finding The Right Solution for Height/Step Measurement

When looking for the best way to measure height or step height, there are a number of important factors to consider, including the shape of the target, the type of measurement system, and the installation environment. Selecting equipment that doesn't adequately meet your needs can lead to insufficient precision and increased man-hours during production, so choosing the right equipment is important. This site is designed to help you discover the best way to perform this measurement with confidence.

Height/Step Height Solutions

  • STEP 1: Look at the methods outlined in each item to find the best measurement method.
  • STEP 2: Download the catalogue to learn more about the system.
  • STEP 3: Get in touch with your local measurement expert to have an on-site consultation about your application.
  1. A- Single-point height measurement B- Muluti-point height (step) measurement
  2. B-A- Two measurement locations near each other B-B- Two measurement locations far away from each other
  3. B-A-A- Measuring from above B-A-B- Measuring from the side
  4. Example Applications
    • A- Measurement 1 Height measurement of dispensers
    • B-A-A- Measurement 2 Height measurement of connector terminals
    • B-A-B- Measurement 3 Step measurement of electrode terminals
    • B-B- Measurement 1 Height measurement of vehicles

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