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Application Solutions3D Shape

For Individuals Looking at 3D Shape Measurement Systems

When looking for the best way to perform profile (3D) measurement, there are a number of important factors to consider, including the type of measurement system and the installation environment. Selecting equipment that doesn't adequately meet your needs can lead to insufficient precision and increased man-hours during production. This site is designed to help users determine the best way to perform measurement with confidence in regards to a 3D shape measurement system.

How to Measure 3D Shapes

  • STEP 1: Look at the outlined methods in each item to find the best measurement method for the application at hand.
  • STEP 2: Download the relevant measurement system catalogue.
  1. A- Inline measurement B- Offline measurement
  2. Example Applications
    • A- Measurement 1 Profile measurement of connecting rods
    • B- Measurement 2 Profile measurement of solder

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