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Newsletter 2021

July 05, 2021

Subject :

Predictive Maintenance: Find problems before they become problems!

Learn about marking problems before they become problems!
Our most intelligent laser marker yet,
the MD-X Series, had built-in predictive maintenance and troubleshooting software. This means it will alert you to problems early and give a self-diagnosis on how to fix them! Discover more here.
Why do you switch from an Optical Comparator or Measuring Microscope?
We asked customers why they made the leap from an optical comparator or measuring microscope to the IM-8000. Read their insights and points of value which saw them upgrade.
See exactly what triggered your safety sensor... on camera!
Safety systems will tell you when 'something' triggers them but this is not overly helpful when trying to avoid it happening again! The SZ-V has a sophisticated detection monitor and camera which gives historical data (and images!) of exactly what caused it to trigger.
A Bite-size dive into the award-winning VHX-7000
With plenty of supporting images from
the VHX-7000 against conventional systems, this guide is a glace into the key elements of value in our top end digital microscope. Download a copy for your records and see what all the fuss is about!
Are codes present on your products, parts or packaging?
Codes, they are EVERYWHERE! As traceability becomes more integral to manufacturing logistics, KEYENCE endeavours to ensure manufacturers are equipped to meet demand. Say hello to our AI-enabled code reader of the future!
Seamless vision inspection starts with...
For optimum vision inspection, the right conditions need to be created to achieve the perfect contrast for what you want to see. Stay clued up on the latest peripheral equipment which could take your inspection to the next level.
Q&A: The Fundamentals of Static Electricity in manufacturing
Static electricity can cause significant disruption to on-site manufacturing processes. Over years of experience, our experts have collected the fundamental questions and concerns regarding static and the answers to solve them.
Now is the time to go contact free!
What is non-contact measurement and what are the advantages over human or camera-based measurement? The answers are outlined clearly in this catalogue with supporting images and application examples.