Laser Profiler

Laser profilers are laser displacement sensors that collect height data across a laser line rather than a single point. This enables 2D/3D measurements such as height difference, width, or angle to be performed using a single sensor. In addition to height data, KEYENCE profile sensors also collect intensity data to provide a stable solution for inline measurement and inspection. The lineup includes a wide range of sensors to support a variety of applications and industries.

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LJ-X8000 series - 2D/3D Laser Profiler

Perform 2D/3D measurement and inspection in line with the LJ-X8000 Series. Our most versatile lineup of laser profilers offers 3200 points/profile, making it easy to accurately measure any target shape or material from high-resolution images. The laser profile scanners are compatible with four different controller options, allowing users to select a setup that perfectly aligns system capability with any application requirements. The maximum laser linewidth reaches over 720mm (28"), and multiple can be paired together to scan even larger targets. Programming for these high-performance sensors is completed in three simple steps, making accurate in line 3D measurement accessible for users of any experience level.

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LJ-V7000 series - High-speed 2D/3D Laser Profiler

THE WORLD’S FASTEST AT 64,000 PROFILES/SEC. Speed that makes the measurement of any product and of any shape a reality!

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LJ-G5000 series - High-Accuracy 2D Laser Displacement Sensor

The LJ-G Series accurately measures the surface profile of targets in X and Z directions. The height, width or gap on a surface profile can be measured using 28 measurement modes.

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