2D/3D Laser Profiler LJ-X8000 series

Measure Any Target with High Precision

New wide field of view, high-accuracy type added!
High-Resolution Inline Measurement

  • Ultra-high precision
  • Compatible with all materials
  • Set up in 3 easy steps

LJ-X8000 series - 2D/3D Laser Profiler

Perform 2D/3D measurement and inspection in line with the LJ-X8000 Series. Our most versatile lineup of laser profilers offers 3200 points/profile, making it easy to accurately measure any target shape or material from high-resolution images. The laser profile scanners are compatible with four different controller options, allowing users to select a setup that perfectly aligns system capability with any application requirements. The maximum laser linewidth reaches over 720mm (28"), and multiple can be paired together to scan even larger targets. Programming for these high-performance sensors is completed in three simple steps, making accurate in line 3D measurement accessible for users of any experience level.


  • Weld Inspection

  • Terminal pitch and height difference

  • 360° Surface Inspection

  • Terminal height



Improve Reliability with 4x More Resolution

Capturing the true shape of a target is critical for performing reliable inspections. With 3200 points/profile, the LJ-X8000 Series captures target shape in high resolution, enabling accurate inline measurement.


  • Rough
  • Irregular
  • Surface dependent


  • Detailed
  • Consistent
  • Stable on any surface

Maximising Resolution and Target Detection

To improve the resolution of the sensor, the number of pixels on the CMOS needs to be increased. This can be accomplished by making each pixel smaller; however, smaller pixels can result in insufficient light detection, causing an inaccurate profile on some targets. For the LJ-X8000 Series, we’ve implemented new technology to create a laser profiler capable of high-resolution measurement on any target.

Cylindrical lens

Parallel light is emitted using a cylindrical lens designed to prevent the reflected light from scattering across the surface of the target. This ensures reliable reflections from any shape or surface.

Large-aperture receiver lens

The sensor is equipped with a receiver lens that has 3x more area than conventional models, increasing the received light intensity. This allows the sensor to produce stable profiles in any environment.

High-resolution CMOS

This newly developed CMOS enables high-resolution measurement using 3200 points/profile, while delivering improved imaging capability on targets with varying reflectivity.

Profile Alignment Function

When creating a 3D image, the positions of each 2D profile are adjusted in the X, Z, and θ directions. This eliminates the impact of vibration and eccentricity as well as bends and curvature in the target, creating an optimal image for inspection.

Without profile alignment

Without profile alignment, the target image is distorted by vibration, making it impossible to perform accurate inspection.

With profile alignment

Profile alignment allows for an optimal 3D image to be created. This achieves stable, inline inspections for dents, chips, and other defects.

Select From a Lineup Designed to Meet Any Application Requirements

The LJ-X8000 Series offers a wide range of sensors to support quality control and process improvement in any industry.

Select from a lineup of 7 heads designed to meet any application requirements. The LJ-X8000 Series offers sensors with widths up to 720mm wide to support quality control and process improvement in any industry.