Our portable coordinate measuring machines allow anyone to easily measure 3D/GD&T features, compare to CAD, and automatically generate detailed inspection reports anywhere, including the shop floor. The handheld probe allows for the ease and full-range of motion of hand tools, while providing the capabilities and accuracy of a CMM. Along with no required CNC programming and no moving parts, our CMMs provide significant accessibility for companies with no previous CMM experience, or looking for complementary tool to reduce inspection bottlenecks.

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XM series - Handheld Probe Coordinate Measuring Machine

The XM Series is a handheld coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that lets anyone easily measure 3D/GD&T features. The system is portable and shop-floor ready, so measurements can be taken in any location. The unit also automatically records measurement data and creates detailed inspection reports. The images showcases our latest XM-5000 model which allows high-accuracy measurement for palm-sized parts to large applications.

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