Static Eliminators / Ionizers

A static eliminator that eliminates static electricity in a variety of environments, from the entire room to precise locations.
The product lineup includes a stick type with a small flow rate and sufficient static elimination performance;
a fan type that does not require an air supply;
a point type that fully eliminates static electricity in necessary parts;
and an air gun type that can be used anytime and anywhere, etc.

Products Lineup : Bar Type

SJ-E series - Ultra High Speed Sensing Ionizer Hybrid Type

Eliminate static electricity for a target area of up to 3000 mm at an installation distance of 300 to 1500 mm. The energy-saving design reduces running costs by 60%. The SJ-E Series is KEYENCE’s flagship static eliminator.

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SJ-H series - Sheath-Sensing Ionizer

Eliminate static electricity on a target area of up to 3000 mm at an installation distance of 300 to 1500 mm. The SJ-H Series provides high-speed static electricity elimination and is capable of eliminating static throughout the entire installation area.

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Products Lineup : Blower / Fan Type

SJ-F700 series - Multi-Sensor Ionizer

The SJ-F700 Series Multi-Sensor Ionizer offers complete automation of periodic maintenance - an essential task with any static eliminator. Both probe cleaning and maintenance are done automatically by the unit, which eliminates the need to check static elimination performance.Offering completely maintenance-free operation while ensuring continued best-in-class static elimination (with an ion balance of +/-1V, elimination speed of 0.5 sec, and a static elimination area of 3 m ), the SJ-F700 makes it easier than ever to solve static problems. Make use of maintenance-free static elimination with the SJ-F700 static eliminating blower for ESD (electrostatic discharge) and foreign object adhesion.

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SJ-LF series - Compact Fan Static Eliminator

Small, easy-to-mount static eliminator that features visible feedback indicating whether a target has a static charge or not. The target area will light orange when static is present and green when absent. Easy installation and low-cost make this an ideal solution for troublesome areas.

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Products Lineup : Spot / Nozzle Type

SJ-LM series - Compact Nozzle Static Eliminator

Even with a built-in amplifier, the cylindrical design ensures an ultra-compact unit with a diameter of just 27 mm and a length of 93 mm. Take advantage of the high degree of mounting freedom even in restricted or limited space.

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SJ-M series - High-Performance Micro Static Eliminator

Eliminate static electricity for a target area of 200 mm at an installation distance of up to 200 mm. The SJ-M Series boasts an ultra-compact ⌀10 mm static electricity elimination head suitable for installations within equipment or in narrow spaces.

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Products Lineup : Gun Type

SJ-LG series - Ultra-durable, High-power Static Elimination Gun

Introducing a static electricity elimination gun with impressive dust removal performance and a robust design. Adding ions to air delivered at supersonic speeds helps not only remove foreign particles but also keep particles from re-adhering.

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