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High-Performance Micro Static Eliminator

SJ-M series



Removing static elictricity in a part feeder

Prevent electrostatic discharge failures on bonding machines

Static elimination of tablets after the forming process

Static elimination of metal molds

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Ultra-small static elimination head has no limitation on installation space.

Since the SJ-M Series provides a direct static elimination structure that directs the ion generation point at the tip of the head, it allows for high-speed and high-precision static elimination where it is needed most.

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Static elimination over areas at distances of 1 m or more using a ⌀12 mm head

Static elimination range and time (typical)
(Applied pressure of 0.5 MPa)

Remove static electricity from an area as large as 600 × 1500 mm using just a compact head. Eliminate static from more than 1 m away in under 1 second. Use branching to remove static electricity from inside devices.

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Varied lineup

Choose from spot/nozzle models as well as ultra-compact bar models. Take advantage of focused, reliable elimination of static and dust in narrow spaces or throughout a limited space. Silicone probes are also available for use in environments where metal contamination is a concern.

Ultra-fine Nozzle Standard probe type
With its ultra-fine nozzle of ø12 mm, a 0.5 MPa high-pressure air purge is possible.

Ultra-fine Nozzle C.A.B.probe type
Five times less maintenance than conventional models

Ultra-small Bar C.A.B.probe type
Innovative design significantly reduces the need for cleaning/maintenance.

Ultra-small Bar Silicon probe type
Suitable for environments in which metal contamination must be avoided.

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  • SJ-H series - Sheath-Sensing Ioniser

    Eliminate static electricity on a target area of up to 3000 mm at an installation distance of 300 to 1500 mm. The SJ-H Series provides high-speed static electricity elimination and is capable of eliminating static throughout the entire installation area.

  • SK series - Electrostatic Sensor

    The SK Series makes it easy to instantly check static electricity levels on products and areas throughout a production environment. Use the SK Series to also confirm whether static eliminators are effective and to check humidity and temperature levels.

Static Eliminators / Ionisers