2D Code Reader

SR-500 series

This product has been discontinued.

Recommended Replaceable Products: 1D/2D Code Reader - SR-2000 series

2D Code Reader SR-500 series

SR-500 series - 2D Code Reader

New 2D barcode reader with an All-in-one design and the highest decoding speed in its class, High-resolution and long-range models are also available.


  • All in one design
  • Highest Decoding speed in its class
  • Quick calibration without a PC(World's First)
  • High-resolution and Long-range models
  • Register up to 8 Reading Parameters


Latest Technology

One reader for any code, anywhere, any speed.

SR-2000 series - 1D/2D Code Reader

  • Ultra-wide field of view
  • Greater depth of field at longer ranges
  • Read objects on the move

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