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RC series

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This model has been discontinued.
Compliance with the certification standard is ensured as of the time of shipment from our company.

48-mm□ 6-digit 7-segment LCD, One-stage Preset, DC Power Supply RC-16

RC-16 - 48-mm□ 6-digit 7-segment LCD, One-stage Preset, DC Power Supply

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1-level preset counter, DC type

Function selection


Operation method

Addition, subtraction, addition and subtraction (phase difference)

Operation mode

Over-count, auto-reset, comparator

Return method

Manual, External, Automatic (auto-reset)

Display power

7-segment LCD (character height: 8.5 mm)

Number of digits

6 (with zero-suppress function) -99999 to 999999

Power off memory time

Service life: Approx 10 years at 20°C

Timer accuracy


Mounting method

Panel mount (embedding), surface mount, DIN rail mount

Highest counting speed

Contact input: 30 c/s, solid-state input: 1 kc/s (ON/OFF ratio: 1:1)

Input signal

Non-voltage input (contact or solid-state) (Count input, inhibit input, reset input)


Control output

Maximum NPN open-collector output: 100 mA (40 V or less), residual voltage: 1 V or less*1

Control output


Relay output: 20 ms or less (when set to 30 c/s), 5 ms or less (when set to 1 kc/s);
Open-collector output: 15 ms or less (when set to 30 c/s), 2 ms or less (when set to 1 kc/s)

DC output



Power voltage

12 to 24 VDC ±10 %

Power consumption


Current consumption

45 mA or less

Noise resistance

Square-wave noise by noise simulator: 1.2 kVp-p, 1 µs (across power terminals)

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

-10 to +50 °C (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)


Approx. 75 g

*1 NPN output can easily be converted to PNP output by connecting the optional OP-5148 PNP Output Converter.

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