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          Ultra High-Speed/High-Accuracy Laser Displacement SensorLK-G5000 series

          Main controller: Built-in type, NPN



          Select Language



          Separate type



          Main controller

          Sensor head compatibility


          No. of connectable sensor heads



          Minimum display unit

          LK-HD500: 0.001 µm

          Display range

          LK-HD500: ±999.999 µm to ±9,999.99 mm (7 settings selectable)

          Display cycle

          LK-HD500: Approx. 10 times/sec.

          Display interface

          Display port

          Either the display unit (LK-HD500) or dedicated touch panel (LK-HD1001) can be connected

          LED indicator

          LASER ON

          Terminal block

          Analogue output voltage

          ±10 V output, Output impedance: 100 Ω

          Analogue current output

          4 to 20 mA, Maximum load resistance: 350 Ω

          No. of analogue outputs


          TIMING 1 input

          Non-voltage input*3

          RESET 1 input

          Auto-zero 1 input

          Laser control input

          Non-voltage input*4

          Laser remote input

          Non-voltage input

          Alarm output

          NPN open-collector output

          General comparator output

          Expansion connector

          TIMING input

          Non-voltage input

          RESET input

          Auto-zero input

          Program switching input

          Binary selection input

          Alarm output

          NPN open-collector output

          Comparator output

          Binary output

          RS-232C interface

          Baud rate: 9,600 to 115,200 bps
          Data length: 8 bits, Stop bit length: 1 bit, Parity: None/even/odd

          USB interface

          USB 2.0 Hi-Speed compliant*5

          Ethernet interface



          Cyclic communication (implicit messaging)
          Message communication (explicit messaging) : UCMM and Class3
          Number of connections: 32
          Complies with conformance test version CT14*7


          The following PLCs are supported:Mitsubishi Electric: MELSEC iQ-R Series, iQ-F Series, Q Series, L Series, FX Series
          EtherNet/IPTM, CC-Link, and DeviceNetTM cannot be used in conjunction with PLC-Link

          Head expansion unit connector

          Up to 10 head expansion units can be connected to one main controller

          Expansion unit connector

          Either of the CC-Link unit (LK-CC100) or DeviceNetTM unit (LK-DN100) can be connected

          Power supply

          Power supply voltage

          24 VDC ±10 %

          Maximum current consumption

          0.6 A or less with 1 head/3.5 A or less with 12 heads

          Environmental resistance

          Ambient temperature

          When one or less head expansion unit is connected: 0 to +50 °C.
          When two or more head expansion units are connected: 0 to +40 °C.

          Relative humidity

          35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)


          Approx. 600 g

          *1 NPN open-collector output rating: 50 mA max. (40 V max.), Residual voltage: 0.5 V max.
          Non-voltage input rating: ON voltage: 1 V max., OFF current: 0.6 mA max.
          *2 Part of the input/output circuit of the LK-G5000 Series is internally common. Be careful that no potential difference is generated between the internally common terminals due to the potential difference between the cables/external devices. For details, refer to "Precautions on wiring" in the User's Manual.
          *3 This input is applied to all of the synchronized OUT.
          *4 When the laser class 3B sensor head is connected, a key-operated switch must be used for the input to this terminal. The laser is emitted only when the key-operated switch is set to the ON position. (Select a key which can be removed only when it is set to the OFF position.)
          When the laser class 1/2/3R sensor head is connected, the laser turns on when this terminal is opened and turns off when it is short-circuited.
          *5 When a PC supporting USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 full speed is connected, the data refresh cycle and other operations may slow down.
          *6 Use the Ethernet interface only for direct connections with a PC or for local network connections with a PC or LK-G5000 Series units.
          *7 The EtherNet/IPTM interface cannot be used when a CC-Link unit or a DeviceNetTM unit is installed.
          EtherNet/IPTM is supported by the latest controllers. For details on which controllers support EtherNet/IPTM , contact your nearest KEYENCE office.

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