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VHX-700F series

This model has been discontinued.
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Triple Light Base Unit for VH-Z100 OP-87270

OP-87270 - Triple Light Base Unit for VH-Z100

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Triple Light Base Unit


Lighting unit that is mounted on the VH-Z20UR/Z20UW, VH-Z100R/W, and VH-Z100UR/W. This is set as a standard for the VH-Z20UR/Z20UW. Can be installed with one touch and it is easy to switch between coaxial lighting (bright-field observation) and ring lighting (dark-field observation). It is possible to perform observation with various types of lighting by changing the optical adapter on the tip.

Applicable product

VH-Z20UR/Z20UW, VH-Z100R/W, VH-Z100UR/W

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