Handheld Computer BT-A500 series

Increased Operation Speed
with AndroidTM

Take advantage of instant reading, high-speed operation, and reliable durability. Boosting the performance needed for repeated daily tasks, the BT-A500 Series improved on-site efficiency significantly by increased operation speed.

*Android is a registered trademark or trademark of Google LLC.

BT-A500 series - Handheld Computer

The BT-A500 Series Handheld Mobile Computer with Android™ OS dramatically improves on-site efficiency by boosting the speed of repeated daily tasks. In addition to the ability to instantly read codes under any conditions, the shape of the device is optimized for Android OS performance, allowing for fast one-handed operation. This model also has excellent durability for tough conditions. The rigid chassis and damper mechanism enables the device to withstand drops from 2 m(6.6 ft) as well as 20000 repeated impacts from 30 cm(0.98 ft). Built-In implementation, maintenance, and support tools are also available. The kitting function allows users to copy settings from a single unit to multiple devices and the remote access function enables support and troubleshooting of a device independent of its location.


Instant Reading of Challenging Codes

Instant Reading Even when Codes are Damaged or Plastic Wrapped

Plastic wrapping



Conventional Models

Unreadable due to plastic wrapping


Readable even with plastic wrapping

Batch Reading of Multiple Codes

Conventional Models

Reading many codes takes time


Batch reading for faster data collection

Scan Any Printed Text in Addition to Codes

Conventional Models

Time-consuming inspection, recording, and manual logging


Instant reading of any text

Examples of Readable Text

Product label

Food expiration date (cardboard)

Pharmaceutical expiration date/lot number


Fast One-Handed Operation with Hard-Keys and Touch Panel

The device includes a finger rest hook on the back for improved handling and stability. In addition, the LCD panel is raised slightly from the grip to allow for stable one-handed operation of both hard keys and the touch screen.

Highly Durable Structure for Tough Conditions

The rigid chassis significantly prevents device deformation and a damping mechanism helps absorb repeated impacts to the main PCB.