Standard model NPT1/2 (15 A) MP-FN20R

MP-FN20R - Standard model NPT1/2 (15 A)

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Standard model

Connection diameter

NPT1/2 (15 A)

Supported fluids

Air, non-corrosive gases

Supported fluid temperatures

–5 to +50°C

Operating pressure range

0.2 to 1 MPa *1

Pressure resistance

1.5 MPa


Detection principle

Thermal method (mass flow)

Rated flow range (normal)

4 to 2000 L/min
0.2 to 120.0 m3/h

Zero cut flow rate

4 L/min, 0.2 m3/h

Measurement accuracy

±(1.5% of RD + 0.5% of F.S.) *2 *3


±1.0% of F.S. (at averaging time of 1.0 s)

Display resolution

1 L/min, 0.1 m3/h

Response time

150 ms (63% response) *4

Averaging time

Select from OFF, 100 ms, 200 ms, 500 ms, 1.0 s, 3.0 s, 5.0 s, 10 s, 30 s

Pressure (digital value, gauge pressure)

Rated pressure range

0.000 to 1.000 MPa

Measurement accuracy

±2.0% of F.S.


±0.2% of F.S. (at 50 ms response time)

Display resolution

0.001 MPa

Response time

Select from 10 ms/50 ms/100 ms/500 ms/1.0 s/5.0 s *4

Humidity (dew point)

Rated relative humidity range/dew point range

15 to 100% RH (no condensation)/subject to relative humidity range *5 *6

Measurement accuracy

±4°C *5 *6

Display resolution

5%RH/1°C *5 *6


Measurement accuracy

±2.0°C *7

Display resolution

0.1°C *7

Shutoff valve

Response time

Less than 1 s (closed > open)


50 mL/min (N) or less

Filter regulator (standard model only)

Pressure adjustment range

0.15 to 0.90 MPa

Filtration rating

5 μm

Drain cup capacity

100 cc

Check valve



Colour LCD, status indicators

Data accumulation

Accumulation period

Accumulated data: approx. 2 years/Instantaneous data: approx. 2 weeks

Data reading

USB 2.0/Ethernet


Control output (Ch.1/2/3/4/5)

NPN/PNP setting switchable, Open collector output: 30 VDC or less, N.O./N.C. setting switchable, max. 100 mA or less/Ch., Residual voltage: 2.5 V or less

Analog output (Ch. 1/2)

4-20 mA, Load resistance: 260 Ω or less *4

External input (Ch. 2/3/6)

Short circuit current: 1.5 mA or less; Input time: 20 ms or less

Protection circuit

Protection against reverse power connection, power supply surges, reverse connection of inputs/outputs, input/output short circuits, output overcurrent

Power supply

Power voltage

24 VDC +25%/-20% (including ripple) Class 2 or LPS

Current consumption

1.2 A (300 ms) when the valve is open/closed, 100 mA *8 when the valve is not open/closed (when used alone, excluding load current)

Communication interface

USB 2.0

Network compatibility

When using only this unit: IO-Link (Specification v1.1/COM3) *9
When using MP-FEN1: EtherNet/IP®, PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, MC Protocol/SLMP

Environmental resistance

Enclosure rating

IP67 (IEC 60529) *10

Ambient temperature

−5 to +50°C (no freezing) *11

Relative humidity

35 to 85% RH (no condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 500 Hz; Power spectral density: 0.204 G2/Hz; X, Y, and Z directions

Shock resistance

300 m/s2; 10 times each for X, Y, and Z directions


Sensor: PET/PPS/PBT/POM/Aluminium/SPHC
Filter regulator: Aluminium/POM/HDPE/NBR/Nylon *12


Approx. 1900 g (excluding drain cup)

*1 The shutoff valve is subject to flow characteristic deterioration when the primary side pressure is less than 0.2 MPa (for standard models, the adjustment pressure of the filter regulator is 0.2 MPa or less).
*2 This is the guaranteed value for air from verification performed at KEYENCE inspection facilities. Errors may occur depending on the fluid type, fluid temperature, ambient temperature, etc.
*3 Values are based on a constant temperature of 25°C and a compressed air cleanliness class 1*1 environment (ISO 8573-1 (2010)/JIS B 8392-1 (2012)). For cleanliness class3*4 equivalent, the value is ± (5.5% of RD + 0.5% of F.S.).
*4 Analogue output response time is an additional 15 ms.
*5 Measurement is possible when air is flowing at 2% of F.S. or more.
*6 If compressed air contains a large amount of gases such as oil mist or organic solvents, the specified precision may not be met or damage may be caused. (Refer to the instruction manual for details)
*7 When the flow rate is 5% or more of F.S. When the flow is low, the heat generated by the unit will cause an error.
*8 When connecting the MP-FEA1 or the MP-FEN1, add the current consumption of each device. (Max. 2.1 A with load current included)
*9 Use an IO-Link master capable of supplying 1.2 A or more (maximum of at least 1.6 A when connecting the MP-FEA1 or MP-FEN1).
IO-Link is a trademark or registered trademark of PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PNO).
*10 When protected against ingress of dust and liquids from the exhaust port. When a USB connection is in use, IP67 compliance is impaired.
*11 When using a power supply voltage of 26.4 V or higher, the upper limit of operating ambient temperature is 45°C.
*12 Nylon is used for MP-FR20R only.

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