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Ultra-compact Digital Pressure Sensor

AP-C30 series

Self-contained Pressure Sensors

Digital Display Pressure Sensor

Maximum character height

World's Most Compact Model with Maximum Character Height

The world's most compact size with a width of 30 mm and height of 25 mm and the largest character height (11 mm) in this class. Furthermore, the AP-C30W Series incorporates a very easy-to-see 2-colour LED display.
*Actual size if screen resolution = 1024x768

Unit conversion function

Unit conversion function

The pressure can be displayed in any of four pressure units enabling it to be used worldwide

Reference Pressure

High Resolution: 10x Area Focus Function (AP-C31K and AP-C33K)

Based on the set reference pressure, the detected pressure can be precisely displayed within a ±20% pressure range. The AP-C30W Series ensures a resolution of 0.01 kPa*, which is the highest in this class. Although the AP-C30W Series is of mono-block construction, highly precise pressure detection is possible. The zero-shift function can be used as well. * When the AP-C31K is in focus mode.

I/O Function

All-in-one I/O Function

Independent 2-point output, analogue monitor output, and zero-shift input are incorporated as standard functions. There is no need to prepare a number of sensors and select the best one among them properly according to the application.
* Either analogue output or zero-shift input is selectable.

Multi-functional pressure modes

A Lineup of Multi-range Models Each Playing Three Roles (AP-C30W)

A new lineup of multi-range models is available, each of which supports a number of applications. By making setting changes, each model can be used as a negative pressure model, positive pressure model, or compound pressure model. Therefore, there is no need to keep a variety of models in stock.

Flexible Mounting: Rotary Pressure Port

Rotary pressure port

A Variety of Attachments Allowing Versatile Mounting Methods

Variety of Mounting options

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