Safety Laser Scanner SZ-V series

PROFlsafe / PROFI® NET / EtherNet/IP®

Detachable Head and Protection Zone of 8.4 m

SZ-V series - Safety Laser Scanner

Impressive range, integrated camera, detachable display, and more.

Expanded Network Applications

In addition to conventional EtherNet/IP® network communication, The SZ-V Series supports PROFIsafe and PROFINET communication.

  • Extensive network compatibility
  • New applications made possible with the sz-v and profisafe

More Details


New Scanning Technology

With a large customizable protection zone of 8.4 m, the SZ-V offers protection over a wide area. In addition, with a strong defence against dust and mist, the SZ-V helps reduce detection errors and contributes to maintaining a high level of productivity.

  • Maximum protection zone of 8.4m
  • Fine pitch x multi-sampling

Status Monitoring With Just a Main Unit

The SZ-V brings together the world’s first concept featuring a main unit LCD and a detachable system in an effort to resolve the inability to visually see the point of detection, a common concern with conventional laser scanner models.

  • Monitor view / camera view
  • Display unit separation

Easy to Use In All Scenarios

The SZ-V is designed for ease of use in a variety of situations, from laser scanner configuration to maintenance. This helps to reduce the number of man-hours required.

  • Drawing assist function
  • Module structure

New Applications Made Possible with the SZ-V and PROFIsafe

In addition to conventional EtherNet/IP® network communication, the SZ-V Series also supports PROFIsafe and PROFINET communication.
Costs are reduced with the cascade connection function and the ability to monitor two protection zones separately.

  • Detect two protection zones separately
  • Cascade connection function