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          Digital Fibre Optic Sensors

          FS-N series

          • Digital Fibreoptic Sensor

          Digital Fibreoptic Sensor

          FS-neo Is Supported By The World's Highest Level Of Performance

          Complete setting in just one click [New Concept]

          Complete setting in just one click


          An entirely new concept in setup ease. Just one click calibrates the sensitivity and resets the display. (Patent pending)

          Automatic maintenance [New Concept]

          Automatic maintenance


          The sensor automatically detects reduced light intensity due to misalignment or debris build-up and automatically re-calibrates to the original display state.

          High power reduces labor hours [Simple, Convenient]

          High power reduces labor hours


          Increased sensor power greatly reduces maintenance and setup time.

          FS-neo is supported by the world's highest level of performance

          World’s most powerful beam

          World’s most powerful beam

          World’s most accurate

          World’s most accurate

          World’s highest ambient-light resistance

          World’s highest ambient-light resistance

          • Digital Fibreoptic Sensor

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