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NQ series

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Network Communication Module NQ series

The Next Evolution in Communication

Drastically reduce installation and wiring time with IO-Link! One simple connection unlocks vast amounts of device data and control.

  • Simplified integration
  • Intuitive software
  • Unmatched monitoring

NQ series - Network Communication Module

This easy-to-use network communication module is compatible with IO-Link, drastically reducing the time required to attach, wire, and configure sensors and enabling the acquisition of all the information of the connected sensors.


One Simple Connection Unlocks Vast Amounts of Device Data and Control

The NQ Series Network Communication Module greatly simplifies sensor connections as an IO-Link Master Unit. The M12 connectors provide easy connections to IO-Link compatible devices, resulting in minimal installation time. The NQ Sensor Monitor software allows anyone to easily set sensor parameters by automatically recognising connected KEYENCE products. Of course, all IO-Link compatible devices are supported.

Any system

Simplified Integration

IO-Link communication allows sensors to share large amounts of information with an IO-Link Master Unit via a single connection point. The master unit then converts this information to a common network protocol to communicate with a PLC, greatly reducing wiring.

Automatic recognition of KEYENCE devices

Intuitive Software

The NQ Monitor software allows users to configure ports, check/change sensor settings, monitor devices in real-time, and much more. All of this can be done remotely or directly without needing to go through the PLC.

Compare multiple sensors at once

Unmatched Monitoring

Track data, including temperature, pressure, distance, level, and more, to help better understand your process. With customizable scales and settings, clear process information has never been easier to obtain.