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Digital RGB Sensors

CZ-V20 series

CZ-V20 Series RGB Digital Fibreoptic Amplifier

Super High Power Sensor with 7 Light Combinations

CZ-V21 A/ CZ-V22 A Lustre detection amplifier

Amplifier for Lustre Detection Sensor

CZ-V21A/V22A Digital Display Amplifier

New amplifier for the CZ-H72 lustre detection sensor head. Stable lustre detection unaffected by target colour.

Digital display indicates gloss levels.

The measured value and the setting value can be viewed simultaneously. In addition, the sensitivity can be easily fine tuned with a touch of a button.

FILM mode for detecting presence/absence of films

The amplifier features a built-in FILM mode, which can be selected for difficult detection of such targets as packaging films for cigarettes or Compact Discs. These films exhibit birefringence, which can prevent stable detection in conventional photoelectric sensors.

Response frequency 200┬Ás

One unit can detect 4 different glossy levels

RGB Light Source for Diversified Target Recognition

The SUPER RGB sensor enables stable detection by using a three-colour light source.

Single colour detection

Almost no difference is recognised between certain colours, resulting in unstable detection.

The SUPER RGB sensor enables stable detection by using a three-colour light source.

RGB colour detection

With the CZ-V20 Series the received light quantity is converted into a ratio of three colours, and the target is recognised by its colour. This ensures accurate detection.

RGB Light Source for Diversified Target Recognition

Single colour detection

When the target position changes, the received light quantity changes according to the distance between the target and the sensor head, resulting in unstable detection.

RGB colour detection

Even when the target position changes and the received light quantity changes, the ratio of the three colours does not change. Stable detection is ensured.

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