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          Vision Sensor with Built-in AIIV2 series

          Sensor amplifier Standard mode



          Select Language




          Standard type


          Available modes

          Standard mode

          Standard mode built-in tools

          Outline, Colour area*1, Area*2, Edge pixels, Colour average*1, Brightness average*2, Width, Diameter, Edge presence,
          Pitch, OCR, Colour/brightness prohibit, Position adjustment, High-speed position adjustment (1-axis edge/2-axis edge)

          Number of tools

          Detection tools: 16 tools, position adjustment tool: 1 tool*3

          Switch settings (programs)

          128 programs (when using SD card) / 32 programs (when not using SD card)

          Image history

          Number of storable images

          1000 images *4

          Save conditions

          Selectable between NG only, NG and OK near threshold*5, and All*4

          Image data transfer

          Transfer destination

          Selectable between SD card and FTP server

          Transfer format

          Selectable between bmp, jpeg, iv2p, and txt

          Transfer conditions

          Selectable between NG only, NG and OK near threshold*5, and All

          Analysis information

          RUN display

          Tools list (Judgement results, degree of similarity, or degree of similarity bar display)*6

          RUN information

          Switchable between OFF, histogram, processing time, count, and output monitor
          Histograms: Histogram, degree of similarity (Max., Min., Ave.), Number of OKs, Number of NGs
          Processing time: Processing time (latest, Max., Min., Ave.), Image capture interval (latest, Max., Min., Ave.)
          Count: Trigger numbers, Number of OKs, Number of NGs, Trigger errors, Strobe errors
          Output monitor: ON/OFF status by output *6

          Other functions

          Image capture function

          Image buffer, Image capture range, Digital zoom (2×, 4×), HDR, High gain, Colour filter*1, White balance*1, Brightness correction

          Tool functions

          Mask outline, Masking function, Colour extraction/exclusion*1, Colour histogram function*1,Monochrome histogram function*2, Scaling function


          Failing sensor list, Failure hold, Test run, I/O monitor, Security settings, Simulator*7





          Switchable between non-voltage input and voltage input
          For non-voltage input: ON voltage 2 V or lower, OFF current 0.1 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA (short circuit)
          For voltage input: Maximum input rating 26.4 V, ON voltage 18 V or higher, OFF current 0.2 mA or lower, ON current 2 mA (for 24 V)

          Number of inputs

          8 (IN1 to IN8)


          IN1: External trigger, IN2 to IN8: Enable by assigning optional functions
          Assignable functions: Program switching, Clear error, External master image registration, SD card save cancel



          Open collector output; NPN/PNP switchable, N.O./N.C. switchable
          For open collector NPN output: Maximum rating of 26.4 V, 50 mA, residual voltage of 1.5 V or less
          For open collector PNP output: Maximum rating of 26.4 V, 50 mA, residual voltage of 2 V or less

          Number of outputs

          8 (OUT1 to OUT8)


          Enable by assigning optional functions
          Assignable functions: Total judgement (OK/NG), Run, Busy, Ready, Strobe, Position adjustment result, Judgement result of each tool,
          Result of the logical operation of each tool, Error, SD card error





          RJ45 8-pin connector

          Network function

          FTP client, SNTP client

          Interface compatibility

          Built-in Ethernet

          EtherNet/IPTM, PROFINET, TCP/IP non-procedure communication

          Communication unit

          EtherCAT, CC-Link, DeviceNetTM, PROFIBUS, RS-232C*8

          Expanded memory

          SD card (SD/SDHC)*9


          Power voltage

          24 VDC ±10% (including ripple)

          Current consumption

          1.8 A or less (including communication unit and output load)

          Environmental resistance

          Operating ambient temperature

          0 to +50°C (No freezing)

          Operating ambient humidity

          35 to 85% RH (No condensation)


          Main unit case: PC, Power connector: PA/POM, I/O connector: PA, Sensor head connector: Zinc + Ni plating/PA,
          Ethernet connector: Copper alloy + Ni plating, Main unit rear heat sink: Aluminium, Main unit rear DIN rail fixing tab: POM, Nameplate: PC


          Approx. 330 g

          *1 Colour type only.
          *2 Monochrome type only.
          *3 Tools can be installed by programs.
          *4 Saves to the sensor amplifier’s internal memory.
          The images saved to the sensor amplifier can be backed up to a USB memory stick inserted into the control panel (IV2-CP50) or to the PC where the software for the IV2 Series (IV2-H1) is being used.
          *5 Learning mode only.
          *6 Can also be displayed on the control panel (IV2-CP50) or the software for the IV2 Series (IV2-H1).
          *7 Usable on the software for the IV2 Series (IV2-H1).
          *8 When a communication unit (DL Series) is connected.
          *9 Use only products recommended by KEYENCE.

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