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LED LightingCA-D series

White High-intensity, Large bar-type light 340 mm



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High-Intensity, Large Bar Light

LED Colour


Diffusion plate

A diffusion plate is included with the CA-DBWxxH. The thickness of the diffusion plate is approximately 2 mm.

Power consumption

18.4 W × 2 ch*1

Input voltage

12 VDC

Polarizing diffusion plate



Approx. 1,050 g

*1 Connect these models to both channels.
*2 The included diffusion plate and polarising diffusion plate cannot be used with the product at the same time.
There may be air bubbles or foreign substances on the surface of the polarising diffusion plate, but these have no effect on the image quality. Even if such substances are present, the product is still within the inspection standards, and these substances do not indicate that the product is defective.


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