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LED LightingCA-D series

Multi-spectral lighting (200 mm)



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Multi-Spectrum Lighting

Illumination method

Ring illumination (with support for optional CA-DRM (DA) Series dome attachment and CA-DRM (PA) Series polarisation attachment*1)
Multi-Spectrum lighting / LumiTrax lighting / Normal lighting (single-colour lighting in all directions)*2
Constant current control mode (1,024-step digital gradation: With CA-DC60E connected / Adjustable per wavelength*3)

Response speed

1 ms or less


Peak wavelength

Ultraviolet: 405 nm / Blue: 457 nm / Green: 527 nm / Orange: 600 nm / Red: 660 nm
Far red: 730 nm / Infrared: 860 nm / White: 600 nm (All values approximate)

Controller connection

Dedicated cable (3 m/5 m/10 m), Max. 30 m (with extension cables*4)

I/F input

12-pole connector (dedicated cable)

Power consumption

71.0 W (during normal light emission)

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to 40 °C

Relative humidity

35 to 65 % RH (No condensation)


Approx. 1,080 g (With dome attachment: Approx. 1,730 g /With polarisation attachment: Approx. 1,570 g)

*1 The UV and IR wavelengths cannot be used when the polarisation attachment is attached.
*2 Continuous lighting can only be set during normal lighting when brightness value control is set to ON.
*3 Simultaneous lighting of multiple colours is not supported.
*4 Connection of up to two dedicated extension cables is allowed.


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