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Colour LCD Monitor

CA-M series

Multi-touch enabled 12" touch panel / 12" LCD colour monitor

CA-MP120T / CA-MP120

Multi-touch enabled 12" touch panel CA-MP120T (Only compatible with XG-7000/8000/CV-X200 Series)

12" LCD colour monitor CA-MP120

Intuitive multi-touch gestures

Pinch the screen to zoom in and out of the image and swipe to move the image.

Handheld controller connectivity (Only compatible with XG Series)

Option to connect the familiar handheld controller to the front of the touch panel as another method to operate the XG Series.

Automatic display shut off

The display can automatically turn off after a designated amount of inactive time to save energy and screen life.


Multi-touch enabled 12 " touch panel/12 " LCD colour monitor




Display panel

No. of dots

1,024 (W) x 768 (H) dots or 800 (W) x 600 (H) dots

Active display area

245 (W) x 184 (H) mm


Panel-mount type Front face is IP65 rated when panel mounted


Operation life

Approx 100,000 hours (When installed in an upright position under 25 °C)


Input signal

Analog RGB signal (0.7 Vp-p, 75 Ω) , Horizontal/vertical synchronization signal

Input signal mode

1,024 (W) x 768 (H) , Vertical frequency: 60 Hz or
800 (W) x 600 (H) , Vertical frequency: 60 Hz


High-intensity D-sub 15-pin female (3-way, inch screw)

Touch panel connector

D-sub 9-pin male (2-way, inch screw) *3


Console connector

Connector for RJ45 use


Power voltage

24 VDC ±10 %

Current consumption

1 A max.

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to +40 °C

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH


Approx. 2.3 kg

*1 Options for CA-MP120(T) Monitor mounting stand: OP-87262, Pole-mounting bracket: OP-42279
*2 Options for CA-MP120T
For XG-X/XG-7000/CV-X400:OP-87264 (Touch panel modular RS-232C cable 3 m) , OP-87265 (Touch panel modular RS-232C cable 10 m)
For XG-8000: OP-87258 (Touch panel RS-232C cable 3 m) , OP-87259 (Touch panel RS-232C cable 10 m)
Screen protector: OP-87263
Handheld Console junction cable: OP-87260 (Handheld console junction cable 3 m) , OP-87261 (Handheld console junction cable 10 m)
*3 Use a junction cable if the handheld console is inserted into the slot at the console connector.
Console connector does not support XG-X Series USB consoles.


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