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Intuitive Vision System

CV-X series

Video Library

Newly Developed "LumiTrax™" System

No more need to select lighting! What is LumiTrax™?

What is the newly developed LumiTrax™ system capable of?

Advantages of 21MP Inspection

Ultra high-accuracy 21 MP cameras allow extremely precise inspections as well as large field-of-view inspections.

New KEYENCE original algorithms

Scratch Defect Extraction

The Scratch Defect Extraction filter makes it possible to extract only linear defects and perform stable inspection without influence of the target surface condition.

Noise Isolation

The Noise Isolation filter resolves issues that occur when a rough background condition hinders image processing.

Contrast Expansion

The Contrast Expansion filter is very effective in cases where the lighting is insufficient, and it is impossible to obtain good contrast for image processing. It is possible to create ideal images without overexposure or underexposure.


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