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CV-X series - Intuitive Vision System

State-of-the-art algorithms are available for anyone.
Quick and easy setup.
One system can handle all applications due to the wide variety of supporting products.

VHX-6000 series - Digital Microscope

Next-generation optical microscope with a large depth-of-field and advanced measurement capabilities for inspection and failure analysis.

SR-2000 series - 1D/2D Code Reader

Obtain a wider field of view and greater depth of field at a longer range. Work as fast as the targets can move. No experience is required to master the SR-2000 Series. Just install the reader for vastly improved reading range and achieve even better reading stability.

Featured Shows

October 30, 2017
  • Key Points for Lowering Costs
  • Easier and More Accurate Step Measurements
  • Automating Visual Checks in the Automotive and Metal Industries
  • Making Traceability Easy
  • Eight Advantages of Switching from Optical to Digital Microscopes
  • Incredibly Stable All-Purpose Laser Sensors
  • Introducing Barcode Readers in the Automotive Industry
  • How Did They Reduce Their Dimensional Measurement Time?
October 23, 2017
  • Measure Previously Unmeasurable Internal Features
  • How to Perform Thickness Measurements More Quickly and Accurately
  • Do you use Blades for Processing?
  • 10 Advantages of Digital Microscopy
  • [New Product] Do-It-All Detection Sensor
  • Machine Vision: Engineer Know-how Vol. 1
  • [New Product] A Surprising Depth of Field at Longer Ranges
  • Static Electricity Countermeasures for Electrical Machinery and Precision Parts
October 16, 2017
  • Laser Markers: Process Improvements from the Electronic Device Industry
  • Use Your Metallurgical Microscope as a Digital Microscope
  • Oil and Water Resistant Photoelectric Sensors
  • Enabling Automation of Appearance Inspections
  • KEYENCE's Wide-field-of-view Code Reader
  • An Introduction to Cutting, Pressing and Resin Moulding
  • Preventing the Release of Defective Products
  • Contact Sensors That Can Reduce Inspection Costs

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