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FD-EP series

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Amplifier Units Cable Type FD-EPA1

FD-EPA1 - Amplifier Units Cable Type

*Please note that accessories depicted in the image are for illustrative purposes only and may not be included with the product.

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Cable Type

No. of control outputs


No. of analog outputs


No. of external inputs


Power supply cable

2 m, strand wire, 8-core

Response time (90% response)


50 ms/100 ms/250 ms/1 s/5 s (selectable, default 250 ms) *1


2.5 ms/10 ms/50 ms/100 ms/250 ms/1 s/5 s (selectable, default 2.5 ms) *1


Control output 1, 2, 3

Instantaneous flow/integrated flow/pressure/alert output/predictive maintenance output/seating (output 1 only)/pulse output NPN/PNP
setting switching, 3 output total: 100 mA max., residual voltage 2.5 V max.

Analog output

Instantaneous flow/pressure 4–20 mA/0–20 mA (switchable), load resistance 260 Ω or less

External inputs 1, 2

Zero flow/flow origin adjustment/atmospheric pressure correction/pressure zero shift/accumulation reset/application learning/application reset
Short-circuit current: 1.5 mA or less

Network compatibility


No. of expansion units

Protection circuit

Protection against reverse power connection, output overcurrent, output surges,
reverse output connection, head cable miswiring

Power supply

Power voltage

24 VDC +20%/−10% (including ripple), Class2/LPS

Power consumption

1870 mW (excluding load current)*3*4

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

-10 to +55°C (no freezing) *4

Relative humidity

35–85% RH (no condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 500 Hz; Power spectral density: 0.816 G2/Hz; X, Y and Z directions

Shock resistance

100 m/s2, 16 ms pulses, 1000 times each for X, Y, and Z directions


Main unit: Polycarbonate, FG terminals: copper/iron


Approx. 90 g

*1 Analogue output response time is 5 ms additional and 63% response.
*2 IO-Link: SpecificationV1.1/COM3 (230.4 kbps) is supported.
*3 Less than 190 mA including load.
*4 The operating ambient temperatures for the adjacent number of cable type/M12 connector type units and the number of zero line type expansion units should be 55°C for 1 to 2 units, 50°C for 3 to 5 units, and 45°C for 6 to 8 units. The prescribed values for the ambient temperature assume that the amplifier unit has been mounted on a DIN rail installed on a metal surface. Exercise special care when installing the product in an airtight space.

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