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Digital Fibre optic Sensor

FS-N40 series


Amplifier Units

Cable type

Type Model Control output External input
NPN output PNP output
Standard Main unit FS-N41N FS-N41P 1 0
Expansion unit FS-N42N FS-N42P
2-Output Main unit FS-N43N FS-N43P 2 1
Expansion unit FS-N44N FS-N44P

M8 Connector type

Type Model Control output External input
Switchable between NPN/PNP output
Main unit FS-N41C 2* 1*

* Switchable between 2 control outputs + 0 external inputs, or 1 control output + 1 external input.
The system is not compatible with expansion units.

Zero line type

Type Model Control output
Expansion unit FS-N40 None*

* Counted as 1 output if expanded with Multi-Output Unit FS-MC8N/P or the NU Series communication unit.

Multi-Output Unit

Type Model Separate control
NPN output PNP output
Main unit FS-MC8N FS-MC8P 8 1 1

Options (sold separately)

Amplifier securing bracket (for main unit)

Description Model

Allows attachment without a DIN rail.
Also allows attachment from above, or from the side as shown in the illustration to the right.


End unit*1 (when using expansion units)

Description Model

Insert the amplifier to secure it when adding main and expansion units. Always use when adding units.
(Pack of 2)


*1 Multi-output units come with an end unit.

M8 connector cable 2 m/10 m

Description Model

Used to connect to the FS-N41C. The amplifier does not come with a connector cable, so purchase it with this option.

2 m type
10 m type

Expansion converter unit

Description Model

The FS-N40/N10 Series has different amplifier connection connectors than the FS-V30, ES, and CZ Series. This is an adapter to connect these models. It supplies power from the main unit to the expansion unit and prevents interference.
*Not compatible with NU Series communication units or FS-MC8N/P multi-output units.


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