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          Laser Thrubeam Sensor

          IB series

          Industrial Application Examples

          Supports everything from simple differentiation to high-accuracy detection

          Liquid Crystal Industry
          Detection of presence/absence of liquid crystal glass

          Liquid Crystal Industry

          Within the various manufacturing processes of liquid crystal, the presence or absence of a glass plate is detected during transportation. As the light volume can be differentiated with high-accuracy, stable detection is possible.

          Electronic Industry
          Detection of chip components

          Electronic Industry

          This device definitively detects the chip gradient and/or the presence of a chip on even minute targets during the mounting process. Furthermore, as the sampling occurs at 80 μs, detections on high-speed lines are also possible.

          Electric Industry
          Printer paper feed orientation detection

          Electric Industry

          By sensing two locations simultaneously, the device detects the orientation of the paper feed and/or the skew angle during transportation. Continuous measurement is possible with the small type head and high-speed sampling.

          Metal Industry
          Differentiation of different metal shafts

          Metal Industry

          Detects differences in various shafts within metal workings or during the assembly process. By using the included Hold function, this can be determined without stopping the target.

          Plastics Industry
          Differentiation of different films

          Plastics Industry

          By sensing the thrubeam volume of laser light, the device definitively captures any differences in the transparent film. Furthermore, by aligning multiple devices along the width, continuous detection of uneven coating over multiple points is possible.

          Turbidity detection of factory waste water


          By sensing the thrubeam volume of laser light through glass, the turbidity of factory waste water can be determined. Furthermore, judgment values can be set between 0 and 100%.

          Food and Pharmaceutical Industry
          Bottle-neck diameter judgments and detection of cap tightness

          Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

          Detects the diameter and cap tightness when adding the caps onto the bottles. Due to high-speed sampling, detection can be conducted on the conveyer without stopping the target.

          Food and Pharmaceutical Industry
          Detecting the liquid level of test tubes

          Food and Pharmaceutical Industry

          By sensing thrubeam volumes of the laser light, the liquid level can be detected with high accuracy. Furthermore, by using a compact head the device can be positioned in even the narrowest of spaces.

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