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          Laser Thrubeam SensorIB series

          Amplifier Unit, Panel Mount Type



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          Panel mount

          Main unit/Expansion unit

          Expansion unit

          Head compatibility



          Display resolution

          0.01 %, 0.1 %, 1 % (switchable)

          Display range

          –99.999 to 99.999, –99.99 to 99.99, –99.9 to 99.9, –99 to 99 (switchable)

          Digital display method

          Dual 7-segment display, Upper level: 2-colour (green/red), 5 digits, Lower level: 5 green digits

          Operation indicator

          Judgment indicator: 2-colour (green/red) LED (HI, GO, LO), Bank indicator: Green LED x 4,
          Laser emission warning indicator: Green LED, Others: Green LED x 8, red LED x 3

          Analogue output voltage


          Analogue current output

          Control Input

          Bank switch input, zero shift input

          Non-voltage input*1

          Control input

          Zero-shift input

          Laser emission stop input

          Timing input

          Reset input

          Adjust input

          Control output

          Judgment output (check output)

          Open collector (NPN/PNP switchable, N.O./N.C. switchable)*2

          Power supply

          Power consumption

          2,100 mW or less (at 30 V, 70 mA max.)*3


          Power voltage

          Supplied from main unit

          Environmental resistance

          Pollution degree


          Ambient temperature

          -10 to +50 °C (No condensation or freezing)

          Relative humidity

          35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)

          Vibration resistance

          10 to 55 Hz, Double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours in each of the X, Y, and Z axis


          Case/Front panel: polycarbonate, keytop: polyacetal, cable: PVC


          Approx. 165 g

          *1 The four external input wires are assigned with desired inputs.
          Rated no-voltage input: ON voltage 2 V or less, OFF current 0.05 mA or less
          Rated voltage input: Max. input rating 30 V or less, ON voltage 7.5 V or more, OFF current 0.05 mA or less
          *2 Rated NPN open collector output: Max. 50 mA/ch (20 mA/ch when expansion units are connected), 30 V or less, residual voltage 1 V or less
          Rated PNP open collector output: Max. 50 mA/ch (20 mA/ch when expansion units are connected), 30 V or less, residual voltage 2 V or less
          *3 The power consumption with slave units installed is the total of each amplifier unit's power consumption.
          Example: When using one master unit (IB-1000) with two slave units (IB-1050) (1,950 mW x 1) + (1,950 mW x 2) = 5,850 mW

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